Gamestorm is over!

A big thanks to everybody who made Indie Hurricane at Gamestorm a success!

There were many highlights for me, but to narrow it down to just a few things…

The most obvious one for me is the Charity Fiasco event. We raised over $300 for the William Temple House Foundation, which is extremely exciting. I must admit I was trepidatious about this event because I had never seen anything like it, but fortunately it really worked out. We will be doing more of this!

The best play experience I had was White Death (for those of you who haven’t heard, it is a non-verbal black box larpy thing). Some of you have been hearing me talk about it for the better part of a year now so anticipation was high. This was one of the single weirdest game texts I’ve ever read and it was a lot of fun. The group had a lot of happy feels afterwards and that is a great energy to walk away with. It got me thinking about how to debrief after games as well.

Finally, perhaps most importantly, meeting many new wonderful people who really brought their energy was amazing! Inspiring, even. This is what it’s all about for me, and I am sincerely looking forward to all of the awesome things we are going to do in this next year.

Post in the comments if you have any Indie Hurricane experiences you’d like to share!

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