Other Events

Below you will find our events that stand alone, apart from any event series. Each of these events generally occurs once a month and tend to target specialty interests. Many different types of games are mentioned below, and you can read about them here.


Play Games, Drink Pints

Play Games, Drink Pints is a casual gathering for people who like games of the story-telling variety, board games, and, of course, beer! All experience levels are more than welcome, and if you’ve never been to an event like this but think it’s something you might like to try, this is a great space to test the waters and meet other gamers in your community. Most of our events are focused on playing or making games, but for this event the focus is to take it easy and socialize, with some games on the side. Sometimes we have a group ice-breaker activity at the beginning, or some other large group shenanigans at the end.

Play Games, Drink Pints takes place at 7 :00pm on the last Saturday of each month at Luck Labrador on NW Quimby. Place your orders early; games tend to get started around 7:30pm. Minors are allowed!

Protip: Make new friends by splitting a pizza with them. Bring cash to make it easy!

Play Games, Drink Pints is organized by Jay Sylvano, who can be reached at jay@gmaestogather.org.

Portland Freeform Society

The Portland Freeform Society features, well, freeform games! Freeform games are improv based semi-live games that are highly sensory. That’s kind of a technical description, partly because freeform as a medium is very new, and encompasses indie and Nordic live action roleplay, jeepform, American freeform, and other games that don’t fit neatly into any other description. Themes will vary, but all games are designed to be easy to learn, and focused on storytelling, immersive play, and emotional exploration.

Due to the highly variable demands of freeform games, there is no set time or venue for Portland Freeform Society events. We have to take it on a game by game basis, so check out the calendar! We try to schedule roughly one game a month, usually toward the middle of the month.

The Portland Freeform Society is organized by Tayler Stokes, who can be reached at tayler@gamestogather.org.




Games for the Human Heart

At Games for the Human Heart we play tabletop and in person games that engage with real social issues. Admittedly, these games are serious and ask for a deliberate and respectful attitude. While all are welcome to attend, this is not a casual gaming meetup, and it may not be the thing for you. Though the games are sure to be entertaining, the priority here is enrichment. We aim to explore an issues and engage with them through play and follow it up with discussion.

This event asks its participants to be honest, vulnerable, and strong. Because of the focused nature of these games, it’s a little unfair to spring them on the unsuspecting attendees of casual gaming events. That’s why this is here. Because people who value this kind of play are out there, and they want a space to play these games.

Games for the Human Heart takes place at 2:00pm on second Sundays of every month at Design Center PDX (735 SW 21st Place).

Games for the Human Heart is organized by Tayler Stokes, who can be reached at tayler@gamestogather.org.