Our Games

Making Silence / Breaking Silence
By Tayler Stokes

A freeform game about domestic violence. This game intends to demonstrate the risks and challenges a victim of domestic violence faces while considering leaving their abuser. This game follows a long-term committed intimate relationship as the intensity of abuse mounts.

Emotional, physical, and sexual violence will be represented in abstraction through various techniques. Additionally, play will almost certainly reference acts and threats of assault, coercion, and manipulation, and may go so far as to reference femicide and rape.

These are extremely serious subjects. It is of paramount importance that all players are fully informed before play commences.

For 4 participants and a facilitator. Accepted to the Stockholm Scenario Festival 2015


Guiding Light
By Shawn Stokes

A freeform game about depression and the clouded thoughts, ideas, and indecision that comes with it. Guiding Light’s concept and play were motivated by the designer’s own personal struggles with depression along with other depression-related problems.

For 4 – 6 players, designed for the Golden Cobra Game Challenge 2015


Blessed Be the Host of the King of Heaven!
By Tayler Stokes

Lucifer has lost the favor of God and has been banished from Heaven. In this hour a Choir of Angels gathers to decide how Heaven will handle the aftermath of Lucifer’s Fall. Blessed Be the Host of the Kind of Heaven is a brief freeform game about stature and voice for three to seven players. This game has something of an experimental design, so your play experience will likely be a bit off the beaten path.

For 4 – 7 participants. Designed for The Golden Cobra Game Challenge 2015


Ugly Girl
By Jay Sylvano

Would you undergo radical physical transformation for the sake of others and how they treat you?

This game means to highlight some of the many significant and veiled cruelties faced by women who do not meet conventional beauty standards within society, the manner in which society sexualizes and consumes the women who do, and the ways in which women are pitted against each other to gain recognition from others based on their appearance.

A player-run larp for 4 participants designed for the Golden Cobra Game Challenge 2015.