Ready Set Game


Ready, Set, Game is an easy going story gaming event. All you have to do is show up and play a game. You don’t need to bring anything other than the desire to play and the willingness to try something new. Absolutely everybody is welcome! No experience necessary! You are free to invite anybody and everybody; just make sure you RSVP. That helps us make sure everybody has a good time.

A story game is a game where the players create a narrative as a product of play (more on kinds of games here). You might recognize a few things from other tabletop games, but the difference here is that you spontaneously make a collaborative story with the other players. There are always several different ones to choose from, so odds are good there will be one that’s just right. You can find brief introductions to the games below, but if you’d like to know just ask!

Ready, Set, Game offers three different events, each in different settings for different people. If you are new to Games to Gather, the Ready, Set, Game events make a great entry point!

Please see the appropriate event descriptions for more information!

Open Play

Open Play is our event for everybody. Open Play meets at 6:00pm every first and third Tuesday at Guardian Games. You can expect to choose from about four different games of different genres and tones. Though Open Play is usually attended by fifteen to twenty five people on a given night, you will be spending most of your time in a small group of four or five people. Afterwards many of us go around the corner to La Merde for food, drinks, and banter.

Open Play is organized by Nathan Harrison, who may be reached at

Women & Girls Night

Women & Girls Night is an event for people who identify as female, run by women. Women & Girls Night meets at 7:00pm at Design Center PDX (735 SW 21st Place). These are a bit smaller in scope than Open Play, boasting a choice of usually two games and about ten participants at most. Women & Girls Night only occurs on a Wednesday late in the month and only on odd months.

Women & Girls Night is organized by Jay Sylvano, who may be reached at

Queer Encounters

Queer Encounters is an event for those who identify somewhere along the LGBTQ rainbow. This event is very similar in approach to Women & Girls Night – 7:00pm at Design Center PDX (735 SW 21st Place), usually two games and about ten participants at most. Queer Encounters takes place on a Wednesday late in the month and only on even months.

Queer Encounters is organized by Jesse Allen, who may be reached at

About the Different Venues

Guardian Games makes a great home for our Open Play event because it is the central hub of general nerdom in Portland. However, both Women & Girls Night and Queer Encounters are deliberately held in more private spaces that are not dominated by mainstream gamer culture. It is our hope that by doing so we are better able to ensure a safe, comfortable, and inclusive space for our participants, especially those who are new to story gaming or are hesitant about attending a public gaming event.