Summer Freeform Free-for-All: The Details

With our Summer Freeforms only three weeks away, it’s time to get down to details.

Your Experience

At this event we offer a wide variety of games, food that is accommodating of a wide range of diets, and established community practices to navigate play experiences. That might sound like a lot, so here are some things to consider.

Sliding scale admission. Admission is offered at a variety of different price points. We ask that you pay only what you can afford. If you are able to afford donating we do ask that you consider doing so to help cover the costs of other participants. Tickets are available here.

That said, if you are only able to attend part of the day, or if your diet is not accommodated by the food we are offering, feel free to adjust your admission to suit the experience you are receiving.

Player support workshops. Prior to each slot we will be hosting player support workshops. You don’t need to attend more than one of these, but these workshops are required for participation. Workshops take place at 9:15am, 1:15pm, and 6:15pm.

Game sign ups. If you’ve been to some of our other events, you may be familiar with the “Animal Cards” sign up system. The purpose of this method is to allow people to select games in a fair and equitable fashion. If some games aren’t for you, or if you feel like you need help choosing a game, speak with an event staff person prior to the Animal Card drawing and we’ll help you out.

Game variety. The scheduled scenarios have been selected to account for different play styles, different tastes, and different experience levels. Game facilitators will be on hand prior to games and can answer questions about the games they will be running. Player signup sheets will also have some shorthand descriptors of the games so you can make side by side comparisons before you chose your game.

Social time. Take the opportunity at the shared meals between games to talk about your game experiences. After the final game we’ll decamp for one of the local bars.

The Games

Follow this link for a description of all the games, when they will be playing, and how many players each game accommodates.

In regards to the games, there are a few things we ask.

Select a game that you are interested in. We’ll do our best to make sure everybody is fully informed about the content of each game. Please take this seriously by selecting games you feel you are likely to find enjoyable or productive.

Stick to the spirit of the game. When players come together for a game they are all agreeing to a certain kind of experience. Freeform games often involve a high degree of improvisation moment to moment, but when you are introducing new content to the game please limit yourself to items that are within the scope of the game and appropriate for the kind of experience the game offers.

Make use of the support practices. Using the support tools is always the right choice. Please use them early and use them often!

Keep your voices down as much as possible. Most of us will be playing in the same room, so try to keep the volume at reasonable levels.

The Food

We will be serving lunch and dinner, both of which are included in the price of admission. Both meals will be vegan. For lunch we’ll be having mac and cheese, and for dinner we’ll be having lentil soup. If you would like more information about the food email

The Venue

Please consult the TaborSpace website and the the following for their expectations for people using their space:

As a community space, we are shaping a culture that encourages the well-being of all people from every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith/religion, ability, age, access to resources, and life situation.

In an effort to maintain a positive relationship with our neighbors, please use our parking lot located on 54th and Belmont. If the lot is full, please be mindful of our neighbors’ driveways.

We do not allow the following on the premises:

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking (please refrain from smoking near the building + clean up your butts).
  • Narcotics
  • Glitter
  • Rose Petals
  • Birdseed
  • Weapons
  • Incense
  • Candles Without Containers
  • Smoke Machines/ Smoke Effects
  • Sand
  • Mylar Balloons
  • *anything that could interact with our fire alarm system

We are a shared community space, and ask that you and your guests keep indoor noise levels at all times.

All children must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times throughout the entire building and grounds. We do not allow running in the building, and ask that children walk carefully and use inside voices.

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