The Game Garden


The Game Garden is a series of events focused on designing games. The different Game Garden events focus on different aspects of the game design process. All are welcome to participate.

Creating new, powerful games is an important part of Games to Gather’s mission. We want to support your efforts as much as possible, because we believe in the potency of our play experiences. We are counting on you to bring new games into the world!

As always, you should view the event in question for more information. The Game Garden events in particular are fairly different from one another.

Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds is about discussing and getting feedback on ideas and concepts. You don’t need a highly developed game or idea in order to participate. If there is something you would like perspective on, bring it and let’s talk! If you are eager to hear about what other people are doing and are just here to offer feedback, come on down! If this is your first time working on a game idea then definitely share it with us! Sowing Seeds takes place at 7:00pm on mid-month Mondays at the Green Dragon Bistro and Pub (yes, minors are welcome).

Tending Growth

Tending Growth is a shared workspace gathering. This event is very casual, just show up and get some work done. ¬†Feed off of each other’s creative energy! Tending Growth takes place at 7:00pm every Wednesday at Coffee Time. Hopefully the routine nature of this event will help us all produce some amazing games!

Bearing Fruit

Bearing Fruit is a playtesting event for games beyond the earliest stages of development. Since Games to Gather features games of pretty much every kind, there is no one-size-fits-all format that will work for every possible game. Therefore, Bearing Fruit is only held by arrangement. Participants hoping to schedule a Bearing Fruit event are encouraged to discuss their work at Sowing Seeds prior to making arrangement for a playtesting session.

Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest is a year-end showcase featuring all of the games that were produced by the Game Garden for that year. This is a celebration of all of your hard work! It will be a while before we hold a Bountiful Harvest, but those of you working on games, keep your eye on the prize!

The Game Garden is organized by Tayler Stokes, who may be reached at tayler@gamestogather.